Escaping to Miami, Florida

Miami is geographically right by the Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun, the Dominican Republic, and most everywhere in the Caribbean that you associate with gorgeous beaches, palm trees, and clear, azure blue water that’s bathtub warm. What this means is that Miami has all those beautiful traits, too! Since I have frequently visited Cuba and Dominican, I decided to see what Miami Beach has to offer.

(UPDATED 2018)

We spent our 2016 long weekend (May 24 as canadians say) soaking up the sun and strolling the streets of Miami. Depending on your budget, there’s no need to pay hundreds for your housing!

There are tons of very affordable places to stay in Miami. Another brilliant way to save money is to rent a house or condo. Especially if you are traveling with several people, renting a place rather than using a hotel can save hundreds. There is a vibe of fun in South Beach. Its a good feeling all around.

You have seen it in many movies – Lummus Park beach is the beach in Miami Beach Art Deco District that lines Ocean Drive and all its intense buzz. It is the most crowded of all the Miami Beach beaches and boasts fine white sand, emerald waters, and a lovely stand of stately palm trees between the road and sand. The beach is much more popular for people-watching than swimming.

The architecture in Miami is more beautiful than in different cities because it is artistically unique. Art Deco is very decorative and artistic style that has geometric shapes. It is unique to Miami.

There is nowhere in the world quite like this. Warm beaches and plenty of fun was the thing that I can describe for my trip to Miami.

Where to eat

  • Pura Vida – If you’re a health nut you will love this place. Cute spot with loads of health food options so if you are looking for a healthy breakfast this is the spot.  A good variety of fresh fruit style foods but also heartier options that entail eggs and avocados if you want something a bit more savory.
  • Bio Bio – Best gelato in Miami. I cannot recommend enough. The texture and ingredients are high quality, and variety you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Morenos – If you love cuban food you will find some of the best spots in Miami. This restaurant is right in South Beach. It is attached to the Dorchester hotel. If you come for dinner and stay late, there will be live music. The ambiance is very hispanic. Felt as if I was in Cuba.

View from 1 Hotel South Beach

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