NYE: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. PV or simply Vallarta is the second largest urban agglomeration in the state after the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. It is one of Mexico’s most enticing coastal destinations.

I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing place in the month of December. It was more towards the end of the month, New Years. I was not expecting the temperatures to be hot at all. However, we got exactly what we wished for. There are plenty activities, including boat trips, horseback rides, diving trips and day trips to the interior.

If you want to visit beaches, there are round-trip water taxis from Puerto Vallarta/Boca de Tomatlán. Very safe if you have any doubts. But expect a bumpy ride as the waves are rough and boats are not too big. Fun times 😀

The following are worth a visit:


Playa de las Ánimas is a lovely beach with a small fishing village and some palapa restaurants offering fresh seafood.

Yelapa, the furthermost of the southern beaches from town, is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most secluded and beloved bays, home to a small fishing community. Lots of day-trippers turn up on organized tours, but this picturesque cove empties out when the boats leave in the late afternoon.

Boca de Tomatlán is a seaside village that’s less commercialized than Puerto Vallarta and a good place to munch ceviche tostadason the beach.

Safe travels!

Los Muertos Pier

Los Muertos beach

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