Travel Diary: Cancun, Mexico

As I write this blog, I am having all kinds of feelings. Already day dreaming about Mexico. Having just returned from Cancun for the second time, I knew I had to write about one of my favourite places. The breathtaking Caribbean sea and perfect climate make it a popular destination for tourists from over the world.  The beaches rank among the best in the world.

Mexico has so much for travelers to discover. This vibrant place stole my heart!

Most people know Mexico because of Mariachi, guacamole and tequila. However, this place has so much more to offer.

August 2017 was the first time I have visited Cancun. There was an hesitation to book a trip in Cancun because of the news in the last few years  regarding all the incidents that have happend and did not think it was a safe place. However, when I was looking at pictures of the clear Caribbean waters I could not resist.

We booked just a couple days for a long weekend getaway. Not at a resort but airbnb which was located by where all the resorts are. The area is called the Hotel Zone. The Cancun Hotel Zone sits all along a long and narrow island, meaning that almost every single resort/condo has an amazing beachfront location. Since it was a short amount of time we spent in Cancun, we were mostly wasting the day away lazing at the beach overlooking the blue Caribbean water.

If you are looking for public beaches for a change, I suggest checking out Playa Delfines and Playa Tortugas. Playa Delfines is right on the hotel strip and is accessible by the public. If you do require a beach chair there is a fee. However, I personally did not feel safe leaving my things and going in the water. A lot of locals go there.

Getting around is easy even if you stay on the other end of the hotel zone. The bus runs all around the hotel zone and is basically at your door step with only $1 usd one way.

The trip was over before we knew it. We agreed we had to come back. And so, after a long and rough winter in Toronto we were looking forward to get away.

Second time around was this past month, April 2018. We spent 7 days at an all inclusive resort. t was an Adults only resort. This time around our trip included plenty of lazy beach days, and day trips.

The excursion was booked through our hotel. The day’s itinerary would take us first to a cenote park, an all inclusive lunch in a local Mayan town, then to Chichen Itza, the famous mayan ruins. We were taken everywhere on a comfortable, air conditioned bus. Natural pools called cenotes are found across the Yucatán. Brave the bungee jump right over the water.

The excursion included a tour guide that explained the history of Chichen Itza. If you dont plan on going on a guided tour then you should do some reading about the history of the space before you go.

The whole trip was around 12 hours, being picked up at 7 am from the hotel and dropped off just before 7 pm. The highlight was of course Chichen Itza. The pyramid was built with some fascinating properties, for example, there are 365 steps in total (the same as the number of days in a non-leap year), and each corner faces one of the cardinal directions so that people could use it to navigate.  To preserve the site, climbing is expressly forbidden. Other day trips that are offered include Isla Mujeres, Coba, Tulum, Akumal. On my next trip I will definitely like to visit Tulum.

For nightlife Friday and Saturday is the best time for Cancún nightlife, though anyday of the week you can go and the party doesn’t even start until 11pm. Visited Mandala Club on a saturday night. Ticket was purchased from the hotel rep and it was about $60 usd. Ticket included all you can drink. The club is open, there are no windows which is great as you can see straight out into the strip from the club. The atmosphere was great, the music was a good mix of dance, house and chart (I don’t really like house music so the mix of genres was good for me). If you are into the night life scene you have a lot of clubs to choose from.

In one week, a traveler can experience many different sides of Cancún. I  cannot wait to visit again and maybe live there a couple of months of the year. My personal goal, wouldn’t that be a dream!

Regarding safety, I do not think it is a dangerous place. Most of the incidents seem targeted and cartel related from what I have read. However, I did not go into the city, for example downtown Cancun. That is at your own risk.  If you are being cautious of your surroundings and go in the day time should not be a problem. For most resort-lovers it might be too out of the way.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever visited. If you live there as an expat and have a bought a property get in touch with me 🙂


14 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Cancun, Mexico

  1. Wow wow wow! Love the bluish water! Would definitely have some time on that place when I visit Mexico. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!



  2. I loved your post! I’m from Mexico and I really appreciated your honest point of view.
    I’m so glad that you came back and experience one more time.
    It was awesome! I hope you can come back soon!

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